Blue Skies Web Development

How would you like your  website?

Do you have an online presence? Most people will go to the web to get an address or phone number these days rather than find a phone book. You should at the very least have a “brochure” website, so you can be found.  Even just one page with your address, phone, photo, and some information. The most inexpensive website to have. No website project is too small!

But you can always go up from there. From brochure sites that go up and rarely need to be changed, to some with a little more information on a few different pages, to lots of information and lots of pages!  I can also build you a site, then make it so I can hand it over to you to do your own updates, with training and printed directions provided. Even an e-commerce site, if that’s what you need.

I am a free-lance website developer. I am here to get you onto the Internet to be seen. View my work to see some of the sites I’ve created. Contact me and we’ll talk about what you want for your website. The price will depend on what you want. Lets talk!